Santa's Milk Bottle

A cute milk bottle for leaving a drink out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Finished with red twine and a cute snowflake charm.
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If the tradition in your house is to leave milk out for Santa, then our Santa's Milk Bottle is the perfect addition to your Christmas Eve fun. Small enough to fit inside our Christmas Eve boxes, our milk bottle comes with the wording "Santa's Milk" and is finished with red twine and a tiny snowflake charm. We also include a snowflake paper straw so Santa doesn't get milk in his beard! 

The bottle measures 140mm high and 55mm in diameter at the base. It holds 250ml of liquid and comes in a vintage style glass.

Please note that due to the wording on the glass being made in red permanent vinyl this glass is not dishwasher safe and will need to be hand washed.

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